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For responsible solutions to your valuable materials, you can rely on our team of committed experts.


MD Direct harnesses state-of-the-art technology, setting an industry benchmark in delivering unparalleled protection for diverse surfaces.


We are committed to an eco-friendly ethos, ensuring our products and processes tread lightly on the environment while providing maximum protection.


We offer a wide range of customized solutions, meticulously tailored to meet any need, ensuring optimal protection and aesthetic appeal for diverse surfaces.


Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in protective film applications, allowing us to provide professional guidance and recommend the most suitable films for your specific needs.


We pride ourselves on offering customizable protective films, allowing you to tailor the size, color, print and design to precisely fit your products and branding requirements. By choosing us, you gain the flexibility to select from a wide range of protective film types, finishes, and additional features to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect match for your products and applications.


With our protective films, you can confidently transport, handle, and display your products without worry. Our films are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring that your items remain shielded from moisture, dust, chemicals, and other harmful elements that could compromise their integrity.

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MD Direct | 866.632.3868 |  14900 Avery Ranch Blvd, Suite C200 #237 Austin, TX 78717

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We offer in-house printing using state of the art printing methods allowing us to offer our customers a lower cost and a higher quality printed products. 


This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information.


MD Direct, Inc. is a manufacturer direct provider of protective masking films and papers, self-adhesive tapes, and other industrial packaging items. Our ISO Certified factories produce the highest quality, most affordability priced products in the industry. From Class 10,000 clean room production to UV stabilized solvent or water-based adhesives, we can satisfy even the most challenging technical demands. In addition, our creative distribution programs allow us to offer our customers cash saving inventory options.  


Our products are used by the market leaders in virtually every manufacturing industry. Whether it’s aerospace, automotive, coated, and un-coated metals, plastics, electronics, construction, window and door profiles, decorative laminates, or graphics, chances are we have a product for you. Our growth has been driven by our unique offering of the highest quality products and our commitment to building long-term relationships with our customers.




We are capable of protecting your valuable products, regardless of the industry or material.

  • Our protective films are meticulously designed to shield painted materials, preserving their vibrant hues and intricate details. Trust in our protection to combat everyday wear and tear, ensuring your painted surfaces remain untarnished and luminous.

  • Our protective films serve as a robust barrier for uncoated metals, preventing oxidation, tarnish, and daily abrasions. Entrust your metal surfaces to our care and witness them maintain their pristine finish and structural integrity for years to come.

  • We specialize in safeguarding plastics with our advanced protective films, ensuring they remain resilient against scratches, discolorations, and environmental stresses. With our protection, your plastic surfaces will retain their clarity and aesthetic appeal, enduring the challenges of everyday use.

  • Our protective films provide unmatched protection for laminates, preserving their rich textures and designs from daily wear and potential damage. Experience peace of mind knowing your laminated surfaces are shielded with the finest protection, ensuring longevity and sustained beauty.

  • Our state-of-the-art protective films are the trusted choice for building materials, offering enhanced resilience against environmental factors and physical impacts. Elevate the durability and aesthetic of your construction projects, knowing our protection ensures long-lasting brilliance and structural integrity.

  • Our protective films are precision-engineered to safeguard electronics, delivering protection against scratches, spills, and daily wear. Entrust your devices with our advanced solutions, and experience the confidence of knowing your electronics are shielded with industry-leading protection.

  • Our protective films introduce a new era of protection for glass, defending against scratches, impacts, and environmental elements without compromising clarity. Elevate the lifespan and appearance of your glass installations, embracing the unparalleled shield our films provide.

  • Our versatile range of protective films extends beyond these industries, catering to diverse applications such as electronics, medical devices, marine, furniture, appliances, and countless other sectors, ensuring comprehensive protection for a wide array of products and surfaces.


MD Direct, Inc. is committed to protecting our vital natural resources. In every facet of our business, we strive to make as small an environmental footprint as possible. The chemical compounds used in production are not discharged into the environment but rather are recovered and recycled internally. Whenever possible, the trucks used to deliver our products are powered by clean-burning natural gas. And, all of our finished products are chemically inert and pose no threat to the environment when properly disposed of.

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